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Welcome to TAT Machinery Lubricant Selection
Why Bechem?
  1. Over 175 years of experience.
  2. Meet ROHS/EU, ISO/TS 16949, RWTUW requirements and standards.
  3. Best suited for high performance turning, milling, cutting and grinding.
  4. Advanced odor control, can last up to 12 months.
  5. Anti-rust with good reduction of heat.
  6. Environmental friendly and no skin irritation.
  7. No chlorine, reduced cancer risk.
  8. Reduce costs for using coolant and tools from 15% - 30%.
“Enhanced performance is the thing we will prove, reduced cost is the thing you will experience”
“Before, we were using a very expensive product from Sweetzerland, after switching to Avantin 359 from Bechem, we have saved 35% in total monthly coolant cost.”
Nguyen Van Non (AGS, Đong An, Binh Duong)


  • High performance products: We distribute high performance products manufactured by Bechem of Germany meeting strict industry and high standard requirements set by: ROHS/EU, ISO/TS 16949, RWTUW.
  • Cost saving: Our professional lubrication team is standing by to provide advice and recommend appropriate products suitable for each individual condition of machining, for each individual company, helping to reduce costs of using coolants, tool life and costly repairs;
  • Excellent after sale service: Before and after sale, our experienced team will transfer to customers information about products, technical data sheets, material safety ; visit customer’s factory to evaluate and calculate cost and recommend suitable products, provide samples, assist in changing coolant and give maintenance advice; Perform weekly visits to record and provide consumption reports and available to respond in case of urgency, to be on site within one hour.
“ After replacing a coolant product from the U.S, with Avantin 320S of Bechem shows not only it is of better quality, competitive price, daily topping is reduced but also it gives a better working environment for employees”.
Nguyen Hung (Vikyno, Bien Hoa I)
Contact: Hotline: 0903 841 889
High performance = lower cost